FIEI Gets the Excellent Honor in the Competition of First Project Construction BIM Application
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These days, the achievement of FIEI’s application of BIM technology in hexafluoropropylene workshop, Sanming pesticide plant got the honor in the First Project Construction BIM Application Competition held by Project Construction Quality Management Branch of China Construction Industry Association
There were more than 500 achievements in the competition. After preliminary assessment, reevaluation and final judgment by the experts, six of the first prize and twenty of the second prize, thirty-four of the third prize and sixty-nine of excellent prize are eventually appraised. The application of BIM technology in hexafluoropropylene workshop, Sanming Pesticide Plant which are supplied by FIEI got the excellent prize. 
In October 2012, after experiencing the use of BIM technology optimum designing of a headquarters building construction in Malaysia by our Engineering & Consultant Design Department, we made persistent efforts to use BIM technology for the second deepened design on the preliminary of hexafluoropropylene workshop, Sanming Pesticide Plant. Our BIM technology team adopted the form of one host with several sub-computers, modeling by the profession of structure, equipment, pipeline process, eliminating design defects through collision detection, to perfect the design and supply of reasonable construction drawings and finally achieving the purpose of guiding the construction.
Since the establishment of our BIM technology application team, we completed the modeling of three-dimensional models and the drawings in the construction of Malaysia RH headquater building, hexafluoropropylene workshop in Sanming Pesticide Plant, bolt-connection steel structure prefabrication in Slovakia and the bottleneck of FREP ethylene desulfurization and the bolt-connection steel structure for its facilities, etc. On one hand, through the setting up of the BIM model, we performed the professing inspection of collisions and eliminating defects, avoiding the rework at the extreme. On the other hand, by the improvement of the engineering precast proportion, we provided technical support for workshop prefabrication. In the meantime, through the set up of BIM model, we compiled the progress plan which was the most close to actual construction and made the reasonable arrangement of the materials, staffs, machines, tools and capital demand plan so as to maximize the cost-saving. (Author: Hong Tao)

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