In Zhangzhou City Official Open to Traffic
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There was an opening ceremony of Excavation Port of Zhaoyin Highway at 8:30 pm on November 30, 2013. The chairman of FIEI, Zhang Xiancai, general manager Guan Jiapei, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee Liu Rongzhong and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.
Zhaoyin Highway is a BOT project which was constructed by Fujian Construction Engineering Group Company, starting from Fenglin village Dongyuan town Longhai with the terminal connecting Xiamen Zhang Cross-sea Bridge. The six-lane highway is connected with the south bank of the bridge. There are Fenglin transport hub opening to Shenhai highway, two toll stations in Haiping (Zhaoyin Port) and Gangwei. This highway is 22.49 kilometers long. The project commenced in December, 2009. Xiamen Mechanical and Electrical branch of FIEI is in charge of the supply, installation and commission of the power supply and distribution, lighting, fire control system, monitor and control System, communication system, toll collection system. The price of contract is over RMB50 million Yuan. 
By the request of project progress, the M& E project started the mobilization on September 10, 2012. This was the first highway M&E project and three large systems for the branch to construct. Through this project, FIEI accumulated construction experiences in overcoming the key difficulties. One is making a technical proposal and detail construction plan. We should properly handle the relationship among quality, speed and cost during construction, paying special attention to the allocation of production factors, insisting in the site manage-orientation, inspecting the materials and equipment mobilization on site and taking the quality management as the center, and fully implementing integrated management to complete the task. The other one was to carrying out labor competition, arousing the staff’s work enthusiasm which is the effect way to promote the progress, quality and safety of the project. The project section set up three youth commando, and organized the labor competition activity to make sure ZhaoYin station “ 5.28 ” opening and“11.30” fully opening to traffic. The mobilization greatly promoted the progress and successfully completed the construction task from the headquater, gaining a good reputation for our company.
 (Author: LuoDeXi, Photographer by ChenZhuDong)

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