SDBPD from Iran Visited and Memorandum of Cooperation Signed
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The delegation of SDBPD Company from Iran, which has six members, including Deputy of Agriculture Minister, Mr. Sajadi, Governor of Khouzestan Province, Dr. Hejazi and Deputy G.D. of SCBPD, Dr. Karimi, has a visit on business to FIEI by the invitation. During the visit, Mr. Zhou Lianqing, CEO of SASAC from Fujian Provincial Government, Mr. Liu Baohe, Executive Director of SASAC from Fujian Provincial Government, Mr. Huang Jianmin, President of Fujian Construction Engineering Group, Mr.Guan Jiapei, General Manager of FIEI and Mr. Pan Qingjian, vice General Manager of FIEI attended the meeting held in Fuzhou.
SCBPD (Sugarcane and By Products Development Co.,) from Iran is a large scale state-owned group who is administered by Ministry of Agriculture and is engaged in cane sugar plantation and fabrication. Presently, the company is planning to establish an integrated project of an annual 120,000 ton bleached bagasse pulp and annual 170,000 ton cultural paper. During the visit, SCBPD company had a intentional negotiation and made an on-the-spot investigation to the integration plant of the bagasse pulp in Nanning ,Guangxi Province. 
On the 4th of October, SCBPD Company signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in Nanning with Fuzhou Branch of FIEI. Two parties determined the time schedule for the next stage.
The picture shows Mr. Zhou Lianqing, CEO of SASAC from Fujian Provincial Government has a cordial talk with Mr. Sajadi, Deputy of Agriculture Minister from Iran.
(Author:He Xiaofeng /Photographer:Chen Shuping)

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