FUJIAN INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION CO.LTD. (FIEI)  is a state holding enterprise, which was created in Fuzhou in 1958. The Company is the first pilot enterprise of building modern corporation system approved by the national Ministry of Construction and Fujian Provincial Government in April 1997. Now she has been developed into an architectural and erection construction enterprise with yearly construction output of over RMB 2 billion. She has gained the Qualification Certificate for Contracting Foreign Contracted Projects, the right to operate international economic and technological cooperation and Grade A Construction Enterprise Qualification for China’s Foreign Aid Complete Projects. 
The company has Grade A Qualification of Contracting Electrical and Mechanical Installation works, Architectural Engineering construction, Metallurgical projects, Grade A Construction general contracting of Municipal Public Work and Grade A Professioal Contracting Qualification of Mechanical and Electrical Installation for Architecture Buildings,that of Fire-Fighting Facilities Construction, that of Steel Structure Construction,as well as Grade B General Contracting Qualification of Petrochemical Construction and that of the Building’s Decoration Engineering&Construction,Grade C general contracting of electric power construciton. Meanwhile, she undertakes field assembly and welding of A3 spherical storage tank and holds the certificates of Level-one Installation,alteration and repair,,D1,D2 pressure vessel fabrication, category GB1,GB2,GC1,GD1 pressure pipeline installation, Grade A Boiler erection, alteration, repair and maintenance, and Grade A qualification of Hoisting Machinery installation and maintenance. The company has passed the Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certifications.
She owns 1700 registered staff, among which includes over 800 engineers (327 ones with the first-grade and the second-grade constructor titles), 411 skilled workers, There is 890 staff with college degree or above education, among which there are 139  with senior professional title, and 282  with intermediate grade professional title, 7  with senior technician title and 60  with technician title.
Since the company was established, she has completed thousands of projects. With 90% rate of excellent projects ,she has won high praise from the national authorities, social institutions and clients, and gained Luban Award for 4 times, National Quality Project Award for 2 times and dozens of the National Quality Project Awards and Provincial Quality Project Awards. At present, the company has got 3 invention patents and 17 utility patents, achieved 24 national level and provincial level Normalized Construction Methods. Meanwhile, we have been authenticated and determined as National level High-tech Enterprises and Provincial level Enterprise Technology Center. She becomes a leading company in Fujian construction industry.
Since the company was restructured in 1997, she has been rated as Fujian AAA Credit Enterprise, Credit A Enterprises of taxpayer, Observe-contracts-and-keep-promise Company. She also achieved lots of national honors, such as Advanced Construction Enterprise of China, Nationwide Best Construction Enterprise, National Excellent Enterprise in Project Construction Quality Management and Fujian Labor Award in successive years. Since 2001, she has gained certificate of Observe-contracts-and-keep-promise Company granted by the national Administration of Industry and Commerce.

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